Online Networks and Social Change

Social Media & Youth Crime

Theis Statement:  The effect of social media has increased youth criminal levels due to the ability to gloat through social networking sites. Introduction:  Youth have changed over many generations; even baby boomers had a different social media perspective to what youth have today. Since the advent of social media, things have changed many youth, some positively & negatively. Internet is in almost every youth’s back pocket with a litany of followers. There is an alarming Read more […]

Online Networks and Social Change

TikTok has dramatically changed the way in which advertisers promote their products and services, although it might not be the most ethical and honest form of advertising

Consumers are now more than ever in control of what they consume. They choose who they listen to, what they watch and especially who they trust. Over the past decade there has been a major change in the way in which advertisers reach their audiences. Previously, advertisers would look to mass marketing campaigns such as TV, radio or newspapers, whereas nowadays they are looking at ways in which they can best make use of digital advertising space to find customers, or have customers find them, but, Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Social media facilitated an excess of panic and terror in Australia towards COVID-19

It’s no secret that social media has rooted itself deep into many people’s everyday lives. We depend on it for news, communication and information. During the COVID-19 pandemic it was a natural progression for social media to become the prime source of communication for many people around the world. During the pandemic, Australia, specifically, was lucky to be on the lighter end of the inflicted countries. But that didn’t stop panic and terror to breed in our society. While the virus was obviously Read more […]

Identity and Online Advocacy

Lack of LGTBQ+ Recognition in Domestic Online Domestic Violence Advocacy

Abstract: Victims of domestic violence are not just found in cis heterosexual relationships, it is an issue that society needs to address as it is a problem for many people in a variety of queer and straight relationships. Social platform forms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a foundation for victims to share stories and be a part of community that can help them. However, in this paper I discuss the lack of LGTBQ+ experiences found in big online advocacies such as White Ribbon Australia, Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

It’s not just about the “looks”. Sincerely, from all the girls in the gaming industry.

Sexism faced by women is a significant social threat to the growth of the online gaming industry due to ‘geek/nerd masculinity’ (Friman & Ruotsalainen 2018): born from the systematic portrayal of women in the wider media. Society is composed of individuals and these individuals have the agency to form and reform our identities based on aspirations and desires but limited by biology. Every individual is a unique fineprint that is by their environment, upbringing, culture beliefs and the Read more […]

Identity and Online Advocacy

How can you always Identify the Vegan in the room? They’ll tell you.

Social media can be attributed for the massive uptake in veganism, as seen by the prevalence of veganism among millennials who actively engage in social media. Vegan communities on Instagram and other social media construct their online identity as vegans and advocate lifestyle changes using different techniques, yet ethical vegans tend to be viewed as extreme or forceful. This paper discusses the different techniques vegan influencers on social media use to express their own identity based on their motivations for becoming vegan, as well as advocate their lifestyle. It also explores public reception of such techniques.

Communities and Social Media

Social Media in The Fight Against Racism

The emergence of social media has been changing human society rather drastically. Social media can connect people from different places of the world by allowing them to communicate with one another much more easily. Meanwhile, the various functions of social media and its increasing presence and significance in people’s everyday life appear to influence humans on different aspects and levels. It is fair to say that a lot of our ideals and movements can be pushed by the power of social media and Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

The Formation of Communities on TikTok to Diminish Stereotypical Beauty Standards

Abstract: Social media has taken the world by storm in the past decade, and it has also risen the beauty standards to an all time high. Photos are no longer a beautiful original image, but are completely manipulated by photoshopping tools and filters. These manipulations of photos are affecting the youth’s body image and confidence as they are constantly seeing false images in their everyday life, believing that they are the standards they should meet. The new social media app, TikTok, has brought Read more […]

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The Internet and the Evolution of Community

The advent of the internet has revolutionised the way we live our lives. We work and play on the internet as if it were another physical place – most of us exist in some capacity in this other dimension, as do our extended networks and communities. Delanty (2018) describes the community offered by the internet as a thin version of what we experience in person, and many people in our current pandemic consumed world would argue that after months of lockdown, this thin version of community offered Read more […]

Identity and Online Advocacy

Ad-virtuous: Marketable Morality, Virtue Signalling, and the Corporate Hijacking of Social Advocacy

The use of social advocacy movements to further brand identity and advertisement has distracted from the original importance of the movement itself. Most of the data is gathered from marketing case studies, these explain the efficacy of Social Responsibility and Cause Related Marketing. Supporting and corroborating information is gathered from news articles and corporate media releases. For what started as an altruistic show of community support, Cause Related Marketing has become more of a parasitic strategy where Brands to piggyback on trending social movements to garner good will from consumers, even while hypocritically engaging in their own ethically questionable practices. While there are still some business who are trying to be socially responsible, well known companies are taking advantage for profit.


Instagram sets unattainable standards for it’s users.

Instagram is a powerful social media application, with its growing popularity since its release in 2010, we have seen it develop from a basic photo sharing application to one of the most used social media platforms of this decade. With celebrities and social media influencers using Instagram as a platform to connect with their fans and create a community among them, it is often a place of positivity with a strong sense of belonging. With body positivity being a strong focus in the last few years Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

“Social networking sites like Facebook and Reddit have amplified the voice of alt-right extremists and allowed for faster spread of misinformation.”

Powell_17756073_ConferencePaperDownload Social networking sites have changed the way we view and access information on the internet. It is now easier than ever to communicate, share opinions and forge relationships with like-minded people all across the world. The internet is now the most powerful tool used by organisations of all forms to share their message and expand their horizons. Unfortunately, this has meant that there has been a surge of hate speech broadcast across social networking Read more […]

Online Networks and Social Change

Online networks and social media influence as a driving force for social change in todays society.

Online networks and social media platforms allow individuals and organizations to directly influence and create social change within today’s society in both positive and negative ways. Over the previous decades the rapid development of technology and growth in social media platforms as well as online networks has heightened the way in which people can stay connected. However, it has also created a way in which institutions, organizations and even individuals can influence social change. While Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

The vital role of Social Media in the growth and maintenance of volunteer workforces

Abstract The focus of this paper is communities and social media, discussing the role social media plays in the recruitment, engagement, activation, retention and recognition of volunteers and how this is necessary to grow and maintain volunteer workforces. It considers the altruistic motivation of the volunteer and explores how social media can be used to create a sense of belonging and facilitate sharing throughout the volunteer lifecycle. The challenges faced by the not-for-profit sector are Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Relationships between government and citizen via Twitter.

RelationshipGovernmentCitizen_ConferencePaperDownload Abstract Twitter has become one of the ways for people to connect, unite, share common interest and receive updated news around the world. Recently, it has become a place to spread awareness and gain attention for issues that are obscure. Therefore, this paper will elucidate the relationships between government and citizen that has developed on Twitter under the circumstances of protesting, collaborating and raising awareness in order to Read more […]

Online Networks and Social Change

Cancel Culture: The power of voice

ABSTRACT: Cancel Culture: Judge, Jury and Executioner. Rule of Law ignored as everything goes in the box to the left. Exploring the current phenomenon of Cancel Culture, revealing its origins, history and evolution. Providing an in-depth analysis of how this relatively fledging form of protest has evolved into a seriously powerful force to be reckoned with by international corporations, governments and individuals.  Also providing a timeline of its growth fuelled by social media and other Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Businesses in the corner

Communities and Social Media One way to tie together the power that a crowd has is through social media. With social media, one can raise or initiate debates props to local issues with transparency. Here, one provides a conduit that people can use and encourage their civic or community issues. This solution is also applicable in business. Social media gives room for businesses to provide their products or services to a larger crowd. It facilitates businesses in communicating their messages regarding Read more […]

Online Networks and Social Change

A pathway to fame: from persona performance to online collectivism

social-media-conference-paper_Liang-NingyuDownload Abstract As we enter the age of the attention economy being one of the popular business models, online careers like Youtuber and social media influencers are burgeoning. It seems that every one of us has been given equal rights to gain social capital and voice on the Internet. However, online social platform technology also greatly facilitates the government or enterprise media to carry out propaganda and manipulate public opinions. Government Read more […]