Identity in Communities and Networks

How pseudonymity in online communities has the effect of being a double-edged sword

Introduction The World Wide Web came into being initially as a read-only space where there was very little collaboration, communication or participation by ordinary users and online communities did not exist. But it was a matter of time before change came. Significant change came about as a result of the emergence of the transformational Web 2.0 technologies. Cyberspace became a vibrant space that encouraged community participation in content creation, sharing, collaboration and communication Read more [...]
Social Networks

Pseudonymity Enables Escape To A New Life

This paper will argue that pseudonymous online platforms are superior to those with identity transparency, for people who are high centers of a community yet wish to leave. Here is presented a case study of The Clergy Project, which uses this strategy to offer safe escape from church communities for non-believing clergy members. Read more [...]