Communities and Web 2.0

Instagram and AFL: The changing nature of fan-player interaction

Instagram is one of the most accessed social media platforms with around 1 billion active users worldwide (Statista, 2019) where people can connect with others. Social media is an important tool that has significantly changed over the years with more individuals connecting with others in today’s society. The idea of Instagram comes from ways people share photos or videos content via the social media app. Although there are risks of using Instagram for example, the security issues of how unauthorized Read more [...]
Communities and Online Gaming

Online gaming communities have made it easier for people to communicate and form friendships.

Online gaming communities have made it easier for people to communicate and form friendships in a space where they feel more comfortable as they usually share things in common. However, as online gaming has become more mainstream, some communities have attracted a negative stigma around them and their player base. Introduction: Online gaming has changed the way we interact with people daily. Our lives have been changed since the introduction of social media, gaming and online communities. Read more [...]
Social Networks

Pseudonymity Enables Escape To A New Life

This paper will argue that pseudonymous online platforms are superior to those with identity transparency, for people who are high centers of a community yet wish to leave. Here is presented a case study of The Clergy Project, which uses this strategy to offer safe escape from church communities for non-believing clergy members. Read more [...]