Identity and Online Advocacy

Hijab wearing Muslim women’s advocacy by performing the self online

Download PDF to read offlineDownload Abstract The purpose of this paper is to present an understanding of how Hijab wearing women perform their identities online and the resulting social advocacy facilitated via virtual communities. It will focus on the use of the Hijab (garment used to cover hair) as a symbol used to advocate for Muslim women who utilise it in the content they broadcast online. Networked individualism along with influencer culture allows these symbols to be propagated to Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

#DragThem: The Toxicity and Problematic Art of Cancel Culture

E Hughes – Cancel CultureDownload ABSTRACT In the age of digital media, Twitter has helped individuals find their virtual third place and find people who have similar ideologies and viewpoints, which gives them a community to discuss subjects they are passionate to speak on. These characteristics birthed the phenomenon of cancel culture; this thesis will discuss the toxicity and problematic issues it has encompassed and how it is detrimental to social justice progress. Networked communities Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Interactivity on Professional Virtual Communities Such As LinkedIn and Artstation Aggregates New International Communication Standards

Abstract Social media interactions sets new communication standards. This paper is written with the intention to provide an argument in support of the idea that the use of virtual communities to be a crucial step that aggregates the accepted societal communications standards on the internet. Though with a certain degree of inequality between its users, this process ultimately elevates the global standard of communication.  The argument will be made by comparing the features of two social Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Virtual Vs Traditional Communities: The Benefits of Facebook’s Virtual Communities and How they Differ from Smaller Traditional Communities.

Download the PDF here: Virtual-Vs-Traditional-CommunitiesDownload Abstract This paper argues that social media platforms, specifically Facebook, are ideal spaces for the formation and success of diverse virtual communities. Furthermore, this paper challenges the view that virtual communities detract from their traditional counterparts. This paper examines Facebook’s ubiquity as a factor in the diversity of virtual communities and the content they share as well as the benefits associated with Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Australians Abroad: Utilising Facebook to establish and maintain a sense of community for Australians living overseas

Marman_ConferencePaper_DCNC2021Download Abstract The paper will explore the growing and evolving subject of Australian individuals who choose to relocate overseas, establishing a new sense of community through the virtual networks offered through Facebook, and utilising its other messaging platforms to remain in contact with family and friends back home. Facebook is a platform that generates a strong sense of community, enabling its users to form and maintain connections with family and friends. Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Selling community and togetherness: Authenticity, identity, and revenue in influencer-led culture

PDF Copy – Tim Creevey – Conference Paper – DCNC21Download Abstract This conference paper will be addressing the authenticity of online identities and communities that have been established through social media networks by influencers. I will be arguing that paid influencers and influencer culture challenge the authenticity of online communities, as social media platforms provide users with the opportunity to develop a sense of community, but the virtual community has been established to create Read more […]