Communities and Social Media

#DragThem: The Toxicity and Problematic Art of Cancel Culture

E Hughes – Cancel CultureDownload ABSTRACT In the age of digital media, Twitter has helped individuals find their virtual third place and find people who have similar ideologies and viewpoints, which gives them a community to discuss subjects they are passionate to speak on. These characteristics birthed the phenomenon of cancel culture; this thesis will discuss the toxicity and problematic issues it has encompassed and how it is detrimental to social justice progress. Networked communities Read more […]

Online Networks and Social Change

TikTok: How the Social Media Giant Created a New Wave of Advocacy

Abstract Under the stream of Online Networks and Social Change, TikTok, the newly found video sharing platform, will be examined and how its popularity amongst Gen Z has effectively led to a third place for advocacy on global issues. Using a vast range of references and sources from academic journals to popular culture news articles and blog posts, the role online networks are playing in creating exposure and advocacy on global issues will be conducted and how this social media platform has allowed Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Government’s misunderstanding of social media is a missed opportunity

This paper argues that while Australian state governments do have a digital presence, they are slow to utilise platforms like Facebook and Twitter as opportunities to build their social capital, and evolve their relationships with citizens. Historically the relationship between citizens and their government has changed as advancements in technology reshape communities, and the way citizens live and interact. Arguably digital technology is driving a new wave of change but the citizen/government dynamic is remaining static.

Communities and Social Media

Turning TV On(line): The formation of the ‘virtual loungeroom’ by reality television audience on Twitter as a third place.

Turning TV On(line) By Joseph-DobsonDownload Abstract This paper will argue that the relationship between reality television audiences during program broadcast and the collaborative community they form on Twitter creates a third place. The formation of the ‘virtual loungeroom’ allows community members to engage with the program, communicate with one another, and view content in real-time with community members, regardless of physical location. This paper will examine the formation Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

The ceramic community and Instagram: How traditional makers have embraced a digital platform for industry growth, engagement and support.

DCNCXII_KHalkett_paperDownload Abstract: This paper explores how ceramicists have engaged with Instagram, with discussion of the supportive networks and community engagement found on the social media platform. The paper gives context to challenges facing the contemporary Australian Craft sector, while acknowledging the resurgence of interest in the handmade amidst an era of digital innovation. Focus is given to the Australian ceramics community, and discussion on how use of the mobile app Read more […]