Online Networks and Social Change

Post-truth. In Colour! Online Networks and the Breakdown of Objective Standards of Truth.

Abstract NET2004-Post-truth.-In-ColourDownload Online networks have had and continue to have an irrefutable impact upon the way humans interact with knowledge and information. The question is raised- how have online networks altered the way society perceives information? Applying a postmodernist lens and using the 2016 US Presidential Election as a case study, this conference paper shall investigate this notion, arguing that social media has actively weakened objective standards of truth, Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Government’s misunderstanding of social media is a missed opportunity

This paper argues that while Australian state governments do have a digital presence, they are slow to utilise platforms like Facebook and Twitter as opportunities to build their social capital, and evolve their relationships with citizens. Historically the relationship between citizens and their government has changed as advancements in technology reshape communities, and the way citizens live and interact. Arguably digital technology is driving a new wave of change but the citizen/government dynamic is remaining static.