Identity and Online Advocacy

Social Media Influencers and Identity Formation

Social Media Influencers and Identity Formation PDF Version HereDownload How individuals identify themselves and choose to identify themselves in online communities and networks have been largely impacted by the identity cues they pick up from influencers. Influencers on social media convey certain ideas, lifestyles and behaviours which advocate and inspire certain ideas and influences individuals to portray similar behaviours. Social media allows individuals to seek out appropriate communities, Read more […]

Identity and Online Advocacy

Instagram Celebrities Leading a New Wave of Feminism

PDF Version of Instagram Celebrities Leading a New Wave of FeminismDownload Abstract Social media has transformed political advocacy by offering new ways for activists to promote and express their identities. In the past, political movements depended upon face-to-face interactions and in-person rallies to promote change. These methods were highly inflexible and limited the effectiveness of advocate efforts. In modern society, advocates employ social media platforms like Instagram to engage Read more […]

Identity and Online Advocacy

The positive side of Social media: The support of self-presentation, mental health and friendships among Instagram users.

Abstract Prior to the Instagram platform, many people tend to be more confident and comfortable about their identity when they surround themselves with other people. As innovative technology allows people to have a border connection with others globally, technology plays a significant role in some people’s lives. Instagram is one of the platforms that has highly favoured by most people since the beginning. It is an image and video-based platform that allows people to interact and communicate Read more […]

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Instagram, Female Empowerment and the #notallmen Movement

ABSTRACT: The #notallmenbuteverywoman movement took Instagram by storm and was sparked after the devastating end of Sarah Everard, who simply just walked home alone at night. The argument that comes with this movement is that ALL women should be able to do the simple things in life without the constant conscience thoughts which have being ingrained in our minds from our youth. This movement had a global impact for all woman as it aimed to educate men, spread personal stories and show support Read more […]

Identity and Online Advocacy

Instagram as the platform that ‘’dupes’’ online identities of the users

Jaulim19616810ConferencePaperDownload Instagram as the platform that ‘’dupes’’ online identities of the users Abstract: This conference paper explores and underscores how Instagram, as a very well know social media platform, that has redefined identities of its audiences and how they re-build their identities. This paper will elaborate the argument is that, being a very active platform, instagrammers use Instagram as a means to create an alternate identity online. Instagram is a Read more […]

Identity and Online Advocacy

Instagram: A virtual platform in ‘crafting’ the well-being of young women.

Instagram-a-virtual-center-of-wellbeing-for-young-women-in-crafting-their-identityDownload Abstract. The purpose of this paper is to carefully delineate with coherent paradigms on the factors nurturing the well-being in young women on a specific social media platform, Instagram. This dominant online bubble works as subterraneous yet crucial platform in enhancing their well-being, which consequently outlines and defines their identity. Web 2.0 made it possible to extend this physical reality Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

The Toxicity of Online Networks and one’s Identity Behind a Screen. How the Online World Normalizes Bullying.

20213435-Lauren-Cherry-Conference-PaperDownload Abstract Online communities based on social media apps allow for fake identities to be created and anonymity to be seen as protective when it can be manipulated to bully others. Bullying on social media whether it’s done from individual to individual or group to group has been normalised through certain social media features which make victimisation acceptable and even encouraged when backed by others. It can create a community but can also Read more […]