Online Networks and Social Change

TikTok has dramatically changed the way in which advertisers promote their products and services, although it might not be the most ethical and honest form of advertising

Consumers are now more than ever in control of what they consume. They choose who they listen to, what they watch and especially who they trust. Over the past decade there has been a major change in the way in which advertisers reach their audiences. Previously, advertisers would look to mass marketing campaigns such as TV, radio or newspapers, whereas nowadays they are looking at ways in which they can best make use of digital advertising space to find customers, or have customers find them, but, Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Businesses in the corner

Communities and Social Media One way to tie together the power that a crowd has is through social media. With social media, one can raise or initiate debates props to local issues with transparency. Here, one provides a conduit that people can use and encourage their civic or community issues. This solution is also applicable in business. Social media gives room for businesses to provide their products or services to a larger crowd. It facilitates businesses in communicating their messages regarding Read more […]