Instagram has been the perfect marketing tool for small businesses

Communities are a vital part of society. From the people to small businesses brings growth and innovation to the local community, they need to be innovated with how they continue to grow in today’s society. With technology always changing and adapting to what people want. A part of technology changing on the daily basis is social media. Social media platforms adapt and change all the time like a small business. A platform that small businesses have gravitated towards is Instagram. Instagram was Read more [...]
Communities and Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is just the virtualized jungle.

like us on Facebook & Twitter click to download PDF versionDownload Abstract This paper is aimed to analyse the influence of web 2.0 social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter… on the users both mentally and financially. There are huge number of new online social communities established by web 2.0 technology, the owners and developers of them usually launch original social media platforms for free to entice the maximum users at the beginning stage, however the Read more [...]
Social Networks

How do small creative businesses benefit from making use of social networks?

Abstract Although there are concerns that premeditated and calculated authenticity on social media can cause creative small business to lose their connection with community, self-branding can also strengthen community ties and brand loyalty with customers. This paper seeks to explore how creative businesses are able to succeed by utilising social networks and marketing techniques to make their businesses more publicly visible. These include the use of virtual studios Read more [...]