Communities and Social Media

The fundamental changes in how digital users form and engage in social relationships on social media has negative consequences in offline relationships and well-being.

Conference-Paper-PDF-Download Abstract: This paper covers the issues which have arisen from social media‚Äôs role in the modern world in forming and engaging in social relationships and how this impacts offline relationships and well-being. The writing focuses on issues in communication, identity, perceptions of relationships and the changing landscape of intimacy at the hands of social networks. The paper outlines the fundamental changes that have occurred and explains how this impacts users Read more […]

Identity and Online Advocacy

Tinder: The perfect match for introverts to express their social identity.

Tinder-The-perfect-match-for-introverts-to-express-their-social-identityDownload Abstract: The objective behind this paper is to analyze and argue the importance of Tinder, as an online dating application and its impacts on introverts and their social identities. Since its advent, Tinder has made dating relatively easy and there seems to be an increase in the number of users. Introverts, who are usually shy and reserved, are also making a move on this particular platform. Thanks to tinder, Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Online Dating: The Effect of Social Dating Applications on How We Create Community and Connect with Others

Online-Social-Media-DatingDownload Abstract The purpose of this conference paper is to examine the effect that social media dating applications has had on how we actively create community and meaningful connections with others. I argue that this effect has been positive and transforms community as we know it and is done by presenting evidence for different concepts relating to the formation of community through the lens of the online dating world. This essay explores how dating applications Read more […]