Online Networks and Social Change

Privacy on social platforms are quite at risks nowadays, what are your views?

Assignment-1-Conference-paper-1-_19965046Download Abstract Social media privacy helps individuals to mind their business without interference from the outside world, social media helps to fascinate an identity on the virtual aspect and let you communicate with one another with the helps of the innovative aspect of some outstanding social media of today. However, the breaches may affect the level of privacy to an extent where some of your personal data that is mail and so one can be leaked. Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

As a hyperlocal form of social media, Nextdoor helps neighbours connect – but not always for the better

Abstract While much social research has been dedicated to how the Internet generally, and social networking sites specifically, enable people to connect across great distances, little attention has been paid to the impacts of these technologies on more local communities other than to suggest a negative correlation between online communications and neighbourly behaviour. This paper explores how the locally-focused social media platform Nextdoor supports theories that contend social networking Read more […]