Communities and Social Media

Hey Siri, Play ‘Come Together’ by ‘The Beatles’; How Social Media has Helped to Unite People Globally

Gill_20187653_Conference-Paper_A1-FINALDownload This paper explores how contemporary technologies have allowed for and encouraged people to be whole-heartedly themselves, whilst globally uniting people and communities in the process. While acknowledging valid concerns around potential harmful consequences of social media, this study dissects the critical uses of social media in self-expression within online communities. Important discussion of current controversial topics are addressed in relation Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

How social media such as Twitter and Discord can help individuals with mental illness and build communities online

Abstract Social media plays a huge role in people’s daily life. It has a huge potential of bringing individuals together and can create a specific community such as mental health, where people can talk about their problems and be in a community with the similar problems. There are a few reasons why social media can be a benefit for people who are suffering with mental health. One of the reasons are smooth social interactions. People who have difficulty interacting face to face can feel much Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

How social media is facilitating hyper-personal communication and how this can be damaging to physical skills and relationships, yet also the mental wellbeing of individuals.

Hyper-personal communication refers to communication instigated by the internet, allowing people to connect in an extremely personal and even intimate manner. It explores the idea that individuals begin to idealize these online relationships, especially as they develop a confidence from interacting from the safety of behind a screen. However, this form of communication is having a dramatic negative impact, especially on our younger generations, with hyper-personal relationships and anonymity facilitating Read more […]

Communities and Social Media · Identity and Online Advocacy

Instagram, Female Empowerment and the #notallmen Movement

ABSTRACT: The #notallmenbuteverywoman movement took Instagram by storm and was sparked after the devastating end of Sarah Everard, who simply just walked home alone at night. The argument that comes with this movement is that ALL women should be able to do the simple things in life without the constant conscience thoughts which have being ingrained in our minds from our youth. This movement had a global impact for all woman as it aimed to educate men, spread personal stories and show support Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

“How Social Media Has Become a Place for People to Uphold Civil Rights and Equality”

WenHuiGoh19876999_Conference-Paper.docxDownload Abstract Social media has changed the level of engagement and participation of the importance of upholding civil rights and equality in people’s mind. It is really encouraging that the technology of the digital world has provoked people’s interest about unfair social issues and people nowadays are highly engaged in enhancing the social environment through online interaction. As the freedom of speech is being emphasized in this generation, Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Amateurism VS Professionalism: Who will prevail in the digital era?

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to highlight and explore the aspects from the rise of amateurism on the social media platforms.  Web 2.0 has lowered the barriers towards content creation and with the aspects of participatory culture has brought forward the formation of communities online where people can exchange ideas and tips.  In the contemporary world, anyone can have access to the tools for the content creation and tutorials available across social media.  As a result, amateur Read more […]