Online Networks and Social Change

Cancel Culture: The power of voice

ABSTRACT: Cancel Culture: Judge, Jury and Executioner. Rule of Law ignored as everything goes in the box to the left. Exploring the current phenomenon of Cancel Culture, revealing its origins, history and evolution. Providing an in-depth analysis of how this relatively fledging form of protest has evolved into a seriously powerful force to be reckoned with by international corporations, governments and individuals.  Also providing a timeline of its growth fuelled by social media and other Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Government’s misunderstanding of social media is a missed opportunity

This paper argues that while Australian state governments do have a digital presence, they are slow to utilise platforms like Facebook and Twitter as opportunities to build their social capital, and evolve their relationships with citizens. Historically the relationship between citizens and their government has changed as advancements in technology reshape communities, and the way citizens live and interact. Arguably digital technology is driving a new wave of change but the citizen/government dynamic is remaining static.