Communities and Social Media

The encouragement in reshaping the identities of the generation z by the lifestyle influencer community on YouTube and Instagram.

Abstract The aim of this paper is to show and explore the different aspect of how the lifestyle influencer community is using social media platform  like YouTube and Instagram to reshape the identity of the generation z  which relate to the topic of communities and social change. Many aspects has been analyzed to better understand how the woman and men are being objectified, how influencers advertise product and services to just be rewarded at the end of the day and how this have an Read more […]

Identity and Online Advocacy

TikTok Influencers Spreading Bad Health Habits and Promoting a Starving Gen Z

KatrinaCatchlove_19817972_ConferencePaperDownload Abstract: Social media has enabled an era of misinformation, where content that is false or lacks scientific evidence is spread rapidly, reaching a vast audience. Although misinformation isn’t exclusive to TikTok, the rise of influencers on this platform has meant that the dispersion of misinformation is believed by vulnerable audiences. Generation Z are the most common TikTok users and are the most vulnerable to the spread of misinformation, Read more […]