Communities and Social Media

Social media is positively influencing and changing how people discover and modify their identity by providing platforms to freely express themselves and bring a sense of community.

Abstract Personal identity and forming personalities are important parts of people’s lives. This is especially relevant among younger people when growing up and participating in the world, and social media and online platforms have become one of the biggest places to start forming and exploring identity. These platforms have become a place for many different groups to connect with others and explore themselves and their interests within a safe boundary such as the LGBTQ community and the Read more […]

Online Networks and Social Change

Social Media and its Effects on Solving Crime.

Abstract This paper discusses the important role social media platforms play in not only helping law enforcement solve crimes but, how it has changed the flow of information from law enforcement to the public. There are many social media platforms that aid in criminal investigations but, Reddit and Facebook are the two examples that are highlighted within this text. Reddit is shown to be helpful as the users on the platform gather evidence on certain crimes and discourage vigilantism. On the Read more […]