Identity and Online Advocacy

Lack of LGTBQ+ Recognition in Domestic Online Domestic Violence Advocacy

Abstract: Victims of domestic violence are not just found in cis heterosexual relationships, it is an issue that society needs to address as it is a problem for many people in a variety of queer and straight relationships. Social platform forms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a foundation for victims to share stories and be a part of community that can help them. However, in this paper I discuss the lack of LGTBQ+ experiences found in big online advocacies such as White Ribbon Australia, Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Social media is positively influencing and changing how people discover and modify their identity by providing platforms to freely express themselves and bring a sense of community.

Abstract Personal identity and forming personalities are important parts of people‚Äôs lives. This is especially relevant among younger people when growing up and participating in the world, and social media and online platforms have become one of the biggest places to start forming and exploring identity. These platforms have become a place for many different groups to connect with others and explore themselves and their interests within a safe boundary such as the LGBTQ community and the Read more […]

Online Networks and Social Change

TikTok is giving a platform to a new wave of activism.

CONFERENCE-PAPERDownload Online or digital communities refer to groups of people who meet and community via the internet that share common interests or values with one another (Burns-Stanning, 2020). These loosely connected communities have their own sets of rules and regulations and can be monitored and managed online within the community. Online communities benefit from sharing experiences and knowledge to create open conversations and learn from others on topics of interest. These communities Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Online Dating: The Effect of Social Dating Applications on How We Create Community and Connect with Others

Online-Social-Media-DatingDownload Abstract The purpose of this conference paper is to examine the effect that social media dating applications has had on how we actively create community and meaningful connections with others. I argue that this effect has been positive and transforms community as we know it and is done by presenting evidence for different concepts relating to the formation of community through the lens of the online dating world. This essay explores how dating applications Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Social Media as a Tool for Transgender Community Building

PDF version available hereDownload Abstract This paper challenges the idea that social media is diminishing community, and suggests that it instead helps to create and maintain community, particularly among transgender people. Cannon et al. (2017) found that transgender people largely find their safe communities online, and that they are often lacking a sense of community and connection in their day-to-day lives. Jackson et al. (2018) found that transgender women on Twitter have created a Read more […]