Online Networks and Social Change

TikTok: How the Social Media Giant Created a New Wave of Advocacy

Abstract Under the stream of Online Networks and Social Change, TikTok, the newly found video sharing platform, will be examined and how its popularity amongst Gen Z has effectively led to a third place for advocacy on global issues. Using a vast range of references and sources from academic journals to popular culture news articles and blog posts, the role online networks are playing in creating exposure and advocacy on global issues will be conducted and how this social media platform has allowed Read more […]

Communities and Social Media

Joining the ARMY: Community, Friendship and Intimacy on K-Pop Twitter

Abstract Fans of K-Pop music use Twitter to form active online communities, developing strong relationships with one another, exchanging information and often mobilising for causes beyond the scope of fandom. This paper focuses on fans of the Korean Pop band BTS, known as ARMY (Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth), as a case study to examine how fan communities can develop through social media and leverage those bonds to organise themselves, create relationships, share knowledge and drive Read more […]