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Social media such as facebook believed to be the the platform that can increase customer interaction and participation and also the alternative to traditional way of promoting business. The purpose of this conference paper is to elaborate the main point why social media such as facebook as effective way of marketing tool to promote their business. The fact that facebook has more than 700 million active users enables entrepreneurs to receive many interactions whenever they advertise their product or services. Facebook also allows entrepreneurs in small business to have the same feature as large business entrepreneurs because facebook provide the same feature in a way that all facebook page, will have profile picture, photos, link and etc. Facebook also acts as a good platform for entrepreneur to market their business due to the fact that almost 1 in every 13 persons is a facebook users with majority of facebook users are in the age of between 18-34 years which is young adult that is more relaxed when it comes to online shopping. The feature of facebook fan page allow the direct interaction between entrepreneur and customer and whenever entrepreneurs of business owner posted information regarding particular product, can be seen by facebook users that access the facebook fanpage.


Social media is digital platform that offer opportunities for internet users to be able to interact with each other by publishing, exchanging and also sharing information. Social Media can boost participation and interactions between companies and clients (Ho, 2014, as cited in Jordan, 2018). In the modern era, many entrepreneurs promote their business through social media and leave the old-fashioned way of advertising their business. Tuten said that the reason why people nowadays chooses to promote their business via digital platform such as social media is due to the fact that many disadvantages of traditional advertising have gone since the presence of online advertising, with and improvement on its target and impact. For example, traditional advertising aims for mass audience while online advertising can be aimed to tailored messages. Secondly, traditional way of promoting business costs expensive money while digital advertising does not always cost expensive. Last, traditional way of promotion does not easily attract audience to interact meanwhile it is possible for audience to interact when it come to online advertising (Tuten, 2008, as cited in Wally & Koshy, 2014). Outlining the scope of social media such as facebook as the effective marketing tool for entrepreneurs led me with a thesis that Entrepreneurs help to increase social interaction in the social media by creating an interactive community through the feature of facebook’s business fanpage where facebook user can interact to each other regarding the entrepreneur’s product or services. Below I will elaborate the main arguments on why the entrepreneurs help on increasing the social community participation and create an interactive interaction amongst each other and also help to promote their business itself and gain customer.


Facebook is considered as the most effective and best platform to advertise entrepreneur’s business is because facebook continues to grow at exponential rate and always gained new users every day.  In November 2008, there are 200 million visitors from all around the world that visits facebook, or about more than 1 in 5 people who opened the internet, access facebook (Al-Ghamdi et al., 2014). By December 2008, the visitor that accessed facebook increase to 222 million, making a 10,8% month over month growth rate, 22% of the total internet users opened facebook in December and in 2010, facebook surpassed Myspace as the biggest social network in U.S (Al-Ghamdi et al., 2014). Facebook has more than 800 million active users and more than 50% of the active users log in to facebook and the average user of facebook has 130 friends (Al-Ghamdi et al., 2014). In addition, by 2017 facebook is the largest social media in the world with an amount of 700 milllion active users monthly (Basri & Siam, 2017). The recent updates of the amount of people that uses facebook increase to a number of 2.7 million active user per month in the second quarter of 2020 (Tankovska, 2021). In addition, facebook is now ranked the third of the top 10 position on the App Store and almost 75% people with high income earnings uses facebook which then proves that facebook is the potential platform for advertising business for because to advertise their product and also provide platform for customer to interact building community on it ( Zephoria, 2020). It then creates a good opportunity for entrepreneur or business owner to use facebook as a marketing tool to advertise their business because this means that when entrepreneurs posted information or advertised their brand on facebook, around more than 1,000,000 million people can saw and even interact with entrepreneurs which led to gaining a new consumer without the need to spend too much money on advertising their business. In terms of facebook activity, around 900 million objects (facebook events, community events, groups and pages) in which people interact with in average is linked to 80 pages of community and group, and even based on facebook statistic, around 250 million photos are uploaded per day (Al-Ghamdi et al., 2014).   Philip Rooke, the CEO of Spreadshirt use Facebook, maximizing the advantage that facebook is the largest social networking to advertise Spreadshirt by facilitating peer to peer interactions without censored, which create the possibility for the customer to engage one another about Spreadshirt product and design rather than Philip Rooke and team starting the conversation (Harkless, 2015). 


In facebook, there is a possibility that entrepreneur in small business will have a competitive rivalry or in line with large business entrepreneur. This is because Facebook providing the same feature for all business companies no matter what size the business is (Khan & Boehmer, 2013). Facebook as a social media platform allows entrepreneur in a small business to be known in local circles (Khan & Boehmer, 2013). Facebook has a format in which all users must follow (Khan & Boehmer, 2013). All of the facebook pages, whether one page got uniqueness on its content, will share the same theme including a place for items like facebook profile picture, wall post, links, and photos making entrepreneurs in small business possess the same advantage as entrepreneur in large business to market their business, promote product or services and reach out their buyer (Khan & Boehmer, 2013). The good illustration for the explanation is using the case of Sizzling Kabobs, a family-owned restaurant that offers uniqueness Mediterranian and Indian food blended together. With the same privilege that SK as a small business as do the large business have in marketing SK’s business, product, service and reaching out for buyer, SK was able to create a marketing strategy which led Sizzling Kabobs to gain more than 230 fans in one year (Khan & Boehmer, 2013). 


Facebook also allow entrepreneurs to be able to market their product and service a lot easier than on another platform. This is due to the fact that nearly 1 in every 13 persons is an active facebook users, which then shows the potential to find a ready market for product or service (Curran et al., 2011). With majority of more than 500 million facebook users between 18-34 years, which benefits entrepreneurs more as a young adult whom is more relaxed when it comes to online spending and usually have more of a disposable income to be spare (Curran et al., 2011). The option for targetting facebook advertisement platform also allows advertisers and entrepreneurs to be specific on who they want seeing the ads, especially when advertisers and entrepreneurs are promoting their own facebook page (Curran et al., 2011). In addition, Facebook marketing can target the advertisement based on user’s profile, interest, dislikes and likes, because of this facebook offers an advantage in which other forms of alternative advertising lack of (Curran et al., 2011). This advances advertisement targeting is because of the recent development of technologies and expertise such as GPS (Curran et al., 2011). Marketers are able to utilize the word-of-mouth interaction in order to plan for a targeted advertising by the system and receive a fast information regarding the demands and preferences of buyer (Curran et al., 2011). The illustration of this is when facebook user who often likes and follow clothing line is seeing their news feeds, while scrolling the news feed they saw advertisement of a good clothing line suddenly appear on the facebook user’s news feed.  


Entrepreneurs on facebook can now get a direct communication about the recent entrepreneur’s business product or services updates and information with their targeted customer that accessed the business fan page. This is because there is the feature that allows facebook users to create a business fan page where customers can communicate directly to entrepreneurs through posting in the business fan page wall of sending direct chat to the business fan page’s facebook (Khan & Boehmer, 2013). The business fanpage on facebook itself has features that enables the management of customer relationship to be efficient by sharing recent business information and attract facebook user’s attention that see the post (Khan & Boehmer, 2013). This is for example, a facebook user’s trying to promote their services in restaurant industry and created facebook business fanpage and whenever the owner or the entrepreneurs is giving a discount to their offer food in a view to attract customer to come and buy. Another example is adopting from the Sizzling Kabob’s family-owned restaurant experience where they were able to post timely promotional messages aiming to customer during lunch and dinner (Khan & Boehmer, 2013). 


To sum up to above point, facebook does help entrepreneur both in small business and large business to market their product and services effectively because facebook is the largest social network nowadays with 700 billion users and keep on growing which then allows entrepreneurs product and service to be seen by billions of people who access facebook and even create the interaction between entrepreneurs with targeted consumers. Secondly facebook allows small business entrepreneurs to have the same advantages as the large business entrepreneurs and also facebook being a promising platform for entrepreneur to be able to market and promote their product and service. Facebook is the effective marketing tool for entrepreneurs to promote their business is also because of facebook having a business fan page feature that allow direct and fast communication between business and customers I also acknowledge the limitation of this conference paper that I was not able to do research about how facebook are able to influence the consumer behaviour. In the future research I would like to explore how business fan page does not only allow entrepreneurs to share recent information regarding their product or services and build communication between entrepreneurs and consumer but also how business fan page to also develop the awareness of the brand. In the future research I would also can develop my research about the possibility of entrepreneurs in small business areas to become a competitive rival for a large business area because of having the same advantages as the large business area in term of facebook feature and theme. 


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  1. Hello Joshua,

    i found the topic of your paper is very interesting. I agree that small businesses and large businesses have same opportunity to advertise in social media platform, but the small businesses wont have the influence as such as the big businesses. From my experience doing internship in digital advertising agency, large businesses would have upper hand on content creation. Large businesses would have higher chance for having higher budget for creating quality content for advertisement. Even though both of them may have similar opportunity, social media platform is also a profit making business. Large businesses would also pay the social media platform to boost their promotion and appear more on the targeted market online feeds. But on the other hand social media platform is still a great option for start up businesses to advertise their business, it just not gonna be close experience on how large businesses promote their businesses on the online platform.

    Best Regards
    Christopher Benson

  2. Hi Youshua,

    Thank you for an informative paper. I found your paper interesting; it gave light on the good parts of social media and how it can uplift business for success.

    Facebook was one of the first social media platforms and can be very helpful for a business to gain traction and be noticed. But most social media platforms these days all allow entrepreneurs to advertise their business and grow. In the current every growing use of online social media use for businesses to grown entrepreneurs need to utilise influencers and there following and other platforms to gain a wider audience for their businesses to be known and kept relevant.

    In your opinion do you think other social media platforms are any better for entrepreneurs to promote their business? Do you think the businesses target audience would affect which platform they use to promote their business?

    1. Hi Mikayla! Thankyou for your compliment. I do agree with you that facebook is a beneficial platform especially in this topic for entrepreneurs to be able to promote their business and also create an interactive community amongst other (important)

      Answering your question, in my opinion. The ways for promoting business depends on the entrepreneurs itself since they’re marketing variety product which I believe every product got their own way to promote business. But when it comets other social media platforms, the most alternatives will be instagram, not that I said instagram is better than facebook but just trying to be honest. Instagram is also one of the most used apps nowadays, with image and video sharing. But Australian prefer facebook more as their daily life.

      Your second question of whether or not the business target audience would affect which platform being used to promote their business, my take on that is yes. That’s why I use facebook because one of them is I thought when talking about social media people recognise facebook more. And my friend’s are more frequent in posting on facebook. All ages also know how to use facebook, I see many elders got facebook page and interestingly they know well how to use. So the seller of course acknowledge that if they market their product on facebook, they will gain more buyers and create interactive community.

  3. Hi Youshua,

    This was a very interesting paper to read, I find this topic very interesting as I use Facebook marketing for businesses as part of my work. I believe that Facebook is a very useful platform for entrepreneurs and businesses to market their product and/or service.

    However, I don’t necessarily believe that small businesses have the same advantage as larger businesses, as a large amount of their success is due to large investments into the utilisation of Facebook advertising, which smaller firms with less revenues would not be able to invest the same amount of funding in order to generate similar return on investment.

    I do still believe that Facebook can be utilised effectively without investing a large amount into paid advertising, and this can be done through knowing your target audience and creating content which is engaging and builds a relationship with them. Another way to build a smaller firms social presence is to encourage user generated content or earned media, which is where followers create and share their own content related to the firm, essentially becoming a useful marketing tool for the brand. An example of how this could be done is by running a contest in which users have to share the brands content and tag friends in order to go in the draw to win.

    Once again, great job on this paper, it was well structured and an insightful read!

    1. Hi Chloe! thank you for reading my paper. To answer your comment, actually it does. If you have the time to take a look at my reference list : Small Business use of Facebook for Marketing , The article make it clear on page 4 by quoting from Facebook 2013b stating that “Pages are for businesses, organizations and brands to share their stories and connect with people. Like timelines, you can customize Pages by adding apps, posting stories, hosting events and more. Engage and grow your audience by posting regularly. People who like your Page will get updates in their newsfeeds” (Facebook, 2013b).

      Due to that, it clearly shows that regardless the size of the business one’s owning and promoting, the opportunity to market their business is the same.

  4. Hi Joshua,

    I went through your paper and it was quite interesting but between Instagram and Facebook, which one do you really think that it is more in the advantage of the company to use? Thinking about the marketing/advertising types – people are using influencers to boost their businesses as they reach more people and create/post content more on Instagram. So, do you think that using Facebook is better than using Instagram for a new launched business ?

    1. Hi Shruti, Thank you very much. For me it is actually facebook, why? because people use facebook a lot especially in Australia. Facebook’s been a lifestyle . Everyday I saw my friend actively posting their business product and services on facebook, and in addition, facebook created the marketplace feature for their users to be able to promote their business. Facebook pages recently also stimulates the interaction of the society by sharing one’s post and the post can be seen by people using facebook and can create an interactive community where other can share their opinion, recommendations, and other stuff and can find a community there that relates to them especially regarding business ( for entrepreneurs).

    2. In addition to your response, using both is beneficial, yes you’re that influencers boost their businesses in instagram as they can reach more people. But Facebook offers some of the advantages for small business or entrepreneur such as providing customer support where customer are able to post their testimony after purchasing several products.

      Facebook also got the advantages where you can have a targeted advertising by facebook automatically analyses the information of million users into their profile.

  5. Hi Youshua,
    I hope you are doing good.
    Your paper is very interesting in the sense that it shows the bright side of how marketing on Facebook can be very helpful for a business to get sales. However, we should not forget that Facebook is a social platform first and not a business platform. Entrepreneurs should be very careful when advertising their products, especially if they choose to use Facebook ads, which is costly. Therefore, this can target many individuals who only “wonder” how much your products may cost.

    Another thing that can be an issue on Facebook is that many people have developed an online ad “blindness” on this platform because they are fed up seeing ads. Also your ads may appear next to questionable contents that are not so professional for the business.

    In your opinion, do you think Instagram is better for entrepreneurs to advertise their business?

    1. Hi Noodhish, thank you for your compliment. I thing both instagram and facebook has their own beneficial advantage. Yes, im not forgetting that facebook was a social platform first and not a business platform,. But as time goes, Facebook innovate to create the feature where we can establish a business community where we can share our product and services, business, and stimulates interactive response with facebook users all around the world. In addition, if you notice the recent feature, facebook created marketplace for users to be able to market their products and services.

      Facebook also give a chance for us to be able to get an targeted advertising and audience. This is due to Facebook analyses that their users put in their profile.

      instagram is good when we talk about advertising a business, but in terms of creating a business community where we not only selling product, but also creating community of people with the same interests of business, Facebook is much preferable.

  6. Hey Youshua!
    Thanks for a great read. It’s amazing to see how many Facebook users there are in the world. Your essay clearly outlines Facebook’s functionalities and how that creates opportunities for businesses who want to steer into the direction of online marketing.
    With how digitalized our world is today, social media has become significantly prevalent, especially in the world of business. The traditional forms of marketing have become limited due to the upsurge in online marketing such as on platforms like Facebook (as you’ve mentioned).
    I agree with your points – particularly when you stated that businesses are able to keep in contact directly with their customers through apps such as messenger. This increases the business-customer relationship as communication is key in every aspect of any business.
    It was also interesting to find out that Facebook doesn’t discriminate between big and small businesses, giving them the same opportunities to thrive within the same platform. This was something I wasn’t aware of.
    With that being said, online advertising on Facebook does have its implications – I often find myself being bombarded with advertisements that I have no interest in, and this definitely makes me skeptical of actually looking into a marketing ad that gets presented on Facebook.
    It is great to see that there are platforms for entrepreneurs who want to make a name for themselves to thrive in an environment that gives them exposure to a wide audience. This is one of the perks of social media.

    1. Hi Saranya! yep I agree. Thankyou for reading the whole of my Essay paper. Yes once again, I myself pretty amazed, coming from a generation where there’s no way we can connect with people all over the world, to the point that I connect to them and now can promote business and create an interactive business community where we can share our opinion or belief regarding product or services of business.

      I agree that sometimes users being bombarded with ads that users have no interest in. But the fact that facebook can be more strict on automating their targeted audience.

  7. Hi Joshua,

    Your paper really intrigued me as this topic is very interesting to me as I am currently studying marketing and social media, and also work in this field. I am so happy that social media has become such an outstanding platform for businesses to advertise their products without having to spend thousands of dollars. Advertising with social media can reach such a large amount of people if you understand the algorithms of these social platforms.

    I like how you discuss how beneficial social media advertising is for small businesses and that they now have the same opportunity as large businesses due to the accessibility and affordability of social platforms. I have been researching into this topic a lot recently and have found so many benefits of social media for small businesses, including building brand awareness, receiving new clients, and engaging with your customers (Del Gigante, 2018).

    I do however, think social media pages are becoming more and more saturated with advertisements and content, making it harder for small businesses to be found, which is making it harder, what do you think about this?

    My paper is on a completely different topic, but still in the communities and social media stream, so if you’re interested in reading about TikTok communities which are created to diminish stereotypical beauty standards, feel free to have a read, I would love your feedback!


    1. Hi Jules, Thank you for you words! Me too I’m extremely happy with the condition like now. like I said prior, who would have thought that facebook one used to connect people all over the world, to socialise or maybe to reach out our relatives that lives far away, now transformed into something that is potential to create an interactive community. I disagree, maybe social media more saturated with ads and content, making it harder to be find. Since I still can find easily business whom I’m not familiar with and the fact I buy their product. In addition, facebook targeted their ads and audience by analysing what their users post in their profile. Making it easier to find the relatable business. If you see the marketplace feature on facebook, it helps a lot to find entrepreneur’s product or services that they’re selling/offering.

  8. Hi Youshua,

    Your paper provided good insight into the link between the functionality of Facebook and how that creates opportunity for online business marketing. I myself run the Facebook business page for my work, and therefore acknowledge the additional functions Facebook provides to those accounts that are ‘business accounts’ are helpful in advertisment. I agree with you when you say that this is the way of the world now as I rarely see other forms of advertisement. I also think this form of advertisement is less ‘in your face’ as you aren’t being bombarded with flyers or television ads. It is a more passive form of advertisement although being just as, if not more effective.

    However, from my experience of running the business page for my work, there are some difficulties to promoting through Facebook. Depending on what type of product or service that is trying to be promoted, the access to multitudes of users that Facebook provides means you could be targeting those who are not in your target market (Kenneth & Craig, 2010). This could lead to attracting the wrong audience and in turn not benefiting your business. Facebook also brings the potential for issues surrounding security and spamming; a lot of potential hackers and online trolls could tarnish your business in a public manner (Kenneth & Craig, 2010). Do you think there are ways in which Facebook could improve to benefit businesses?


    Lacho, K. J., & Marinello, C. (2010). How small business owners can use social networking to promote their business. The Entrepreneurial Executive, 15, 127.

    1. Hi Katrina, thanks for your words! its interesting that I find someone who relates and actually promotes their business on facebook, creating rampage.

      When we talk about hackers, all social media can be potentially tarnish someone’s business they’re promoting in facebook. Making it equal on all platform. Even government offial website has once been hacked by hackers.

      To answer, your first question, it does not depends on product or services, especially if you make the use of the marketplace feature, when you put the tags of what you’re selling, facebook will automatically allocate their users who’re at that time are searching for your product or services on facebook.

      My opinion are Facebook could improve their security more, and increase their user automations more with more specific users detail requirement ( parts from personal question like bank account PIN number).

  9. Hi Youshua!
    It is amazing how many people use Facebook! I have just started a small business myself so this was great to read. I might have to use Facebook and not just Instagram after seeing all these numbers in your paper! I also appreciate how you mention messaging on Facebook and how customers can talk directly to the small business owners.
    It was very interesting to learn that Facebook allows small businesses the same affordances as large ones. I would love to now learn about the algorithm of Facebook as that’s not something I have heard about much.

    1. Hi Alicia! Its nice reading your comment since I think it does relates to my paper and why I thought about promoting business from facebook, since facebook offers not just promoting, bigger than that, creating business community also for entrepreneurs where people with same interest can join and help build the community become interactive.

      I believe there are still more of advantages than can be found on facebook more than what I write because facebook really helps all thing in all aspects in this modern world!

  10. Hi Youshua,
    This paper is interesting in that it shows the transition from traditional advertising to digital advertising using social media platforms. Its quite fascinating how platforms like Facebook give entrepreneurs a chance to make a name for themselves by being able to reach out to masses at an affordable price, if not free ,unlike traditional means.

    Please feel free to check out my paper:


    1. Hi Luc, thank you for you compliment! Yes it is. How the Modern world transformed was spectacular, who would have thought that facebook, Platform once used to interact socially, connecting people to all over the world. Now can have the space for entrepreneurs of people with the same interests around business to create an interactive community where they can share their product or services, giving belief and opinion.

      The fact that we’re transforming into something greater.

  11. Hi Youshua Christianto, I hope you are doing good!

    I really enjoyed reading your paper! You did quite a good job in showcasing the growth and the features of Facebook along with the interface that promotes interactivity accordingly among its users, making the consumers to feel closer to the enterprises. Many social media platforms are making use of Big Data in order to collect information to make advertising and marketing more efficient, Good points! However, I can see some of the statistics are inapt, you mentioned 700 billion of active users on Facebook, which I understand could have been a mistake while you were summering up. I really recommend you check, a website for some latest statistics. This website really helped me to find current statistics for my previous works; and it mentions 2.7 billion active users on Facebook. I completely get your points on how Facebook can be a good tool for entrepreneurs, great work!

    1. Hi Theshandev, thank you for your compliment. There was a mistyping issue on my blog. And currently there are more than 700 million active facebook users. Yes I used on my paper if you see on the 3rd Paragraph where I mentioned the 2.7 million active users, I obtain that from and written by Tankovska.

  12. Hi Joshua,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your paper and I like your topic regarding entrepreneur using social media to promote their businesses. I can relate with I know some of my friends who uses Facebook as a platform to promote their businesses.

    If you have time, please have a look at my paper:

    Thank you!

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