Identity in Communities and Networks

Exploring how Gen Z will suffer an identity crisis: Excessive social comparison and communication on Instagram.

ABSTRACT Although Gen Z rely on social media and networks for building identity and community, image-centric social media platforms such as Instagram are increasingly prevalent. Excessive social comparison and communication on these platforms can cause serious implications on body image, mental health, self-worth, and overall identity development for users. This paper will highlight the ways in which Instagram has facilitated detrimental implications on the identity development of Gen Z, and Read more [...]
Social Networks

Young Adults are being affected by unattainable expectations promoted by Instagram influencers.

Abstract This paper will focus on the way’s influencers create illusions and manipulate young adults by promoting unrealistic expectations on Instagram. Through the medium of Instagram, influencers are using their popularity to more easily control their followers. Some of the negative impacts of this influence that have been investigated in this paper pertains to the promotion of superficial online beauty, unrealistic weight loss products and the consumption of luxurious products. There are Read more [...]