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Postfeminism in Social Media: Are these young women feminists or feminazis?

Identity in Virtual Community Virtual communication, social media, and other social networking sites have functioned as full time channels of communication that have access to society and hold a significant role in self presentation and liberation (Mascheroni, Vincent, Jimenez, 2015). Photo based social media such as Instagram or Snapchat are examples of complex new media, in which the feature of sharing pictures, videos, and added texts are all inclusive making them ‘complete’ platforms Read more [...]
Identity in Communities and Networks

Exploring how Gen Z will suffer an identity crisis: Excessive social comparison and communication on Instagram.

ABSTRACT Although Gen Z rely on social media and networks for building identity and community, image-centric social media platforms such as Instagram are increasingly prevalent. Excessive social comparison and communication on these platforms can cause serious implications on body image, mental health, self-worth, and overall identity development for users. This paper will highlight the ways in which Instagram has facilitated detrimental implications on the identity development of Gen Z, and Read more [...]
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How Facebook Communities have Changed Cultural Connections and Identity Amongst Aboriginal Australians.

This essay looks at how Facebook has shifted the way Aboriginal Australians connect with communities, enabling them to have cultural connections, define their identity, express their voice and be advocates for Aboriginal issues. This essay recognises the necessity of Facebook to facilitate a sense of belonging and a sense of self after the failures of mainstream media to bring light to important Aboriginal topics. Read more [...]
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Youngsters lifestyle being shaped by the social-media influencers.

Abstract Social network is the essence in the developmental process of youngster’s online identity. This conference paper will show how Social Network Platform can be a huge problem looming due to the predominance of the social media influencers. The way young people portrayed themselves into the virtual community is commonly shaped by the social media influencers who they followed. It has bearing consequences on the development of youth online identity as well as in their real life. As declared, Social Read more [...]