Indigenous People, Virtual Communities and Online Social Networks

Online Social Networks: Reinforcing Cultural identities of Indigenous people in Australia.

Assignment-1-Conference-Paper-PDFDownload Abstract: This paper investigates the impact of Online Social Networks on the cultural identities of Indigenous people in Australia, specifically the changes that the new technology has brought in the lives of the Indigenous people compared to long ago. The argument is that Online Social Networks is the only way for Indigenous people to feel power and control over their cultural identities. This paper, therefore, argues on the different platforms that Read more [...]
Identity in Communities and Networks Indigenous People, Virtual Communities and Online Social Networks

How Facebook Communities have Changed Cultural Connections and Identity Amongst Aboriginal Australians.

This essay looks at how Facebook has shifted the way Aboriginal Australians connect with communities, enabling them to have cultural connections, define their identity, express their voice and be advocates for Aboriginal issues. This essay recognises the necessity of Facebook to facilitate a sense of belonging and a sense of self after the failures of mainstream media to bring light to important Aboriginal topics. Read more [...]
Social Networks

#TimesUp Movement: Social Networks Influence on Personal Identity within Social Media

PDF file of this paper:Download Introduction Debates have emerged on whether social media facilitates forms of expression of identity online. Ganda (2014, p. 9-10) noted that identity refers to how individuals view themselves as well as how other groups in the society view others. Social media allows individuals to produce and share media via social networks, also known as peer to peer sharing, reflects the identity of another person (Russell, 2013, p. 7). In essence, messages shared within Read more [...]