Communities and Web 2.0

Instagram encourages new communities and allows localised communities to extend beyond the constraints of time and space

The rise of Web 2.0 and the phenomenon of social media has enabled new and local communities to thrive and stay connected through the presence of the internet. In the twenty-first century we are able to ‘share’ more than ever, and through the capabilities of Web 2.0, internet users have become both consumers and producers in our digital age. Technology is further embedded into our lives everyday and we rely on it heavily to maintain our relationships online (Hampton & Wellman, 2018). Web Read more [...]
Identity in Communities and Networks

News in the digital age

The professional identity of the journalist depends on the maintenance of core news values, but the production and distribution of news through social media undermine the professional identity of the journalist. Read more [...]
Communities and Online Gaming

When a Game Becomes More Than a Game: Creation of a Digital Community

Introduction This paper analyses and explores the realm of Communities and Online Gaming; and how one game became an environment in which people create and form a community that expands beyond the game itself in which the game becomes a part of the community and not vice versa. Many games have achieved this feat, however, the game in which this paper will focus on will be the 2017 side-scrolling, shoot ‘em up mobile game: Azur Lane. The expanse of Azur Lane’s community beyond the game itself Read more [...]