Communities and Web 2.0

The role of corporate blogging in building online communities and networks

Abstract This purpose of this paper aims to explore how corporate blogging serves as an online platform to support the building of corporate networks and communities of loyal consumers. A detailed explanation of blogging and how it works in the organizational context will be provided. Several key elements that are included in corporate blogging in relation to the support of building communities and networks such as brand communities, corporate reputation will be discussed as well in this paper. Introduction The Read more [...]
Social Networks

The Facilitation of Advertising within Social Networks

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate to readers the advantages and interactions that a business gains through advertising their products and/or services on a social media platform. This paper aims to highlight that there is a difference between customers and non-customers and that both groups are able to be reached through the use of a social media accounts. Customers have already had prior experience with a business and therefore can provide electronic word of mouth. Non-customers Read more [...]