Communities and Web 2.0

The #SchoolStrike4Climate community and the strength of weak ties

Abstract Focusing on the recent Schools Strike 4 Climate youth movement, this paper examines how weak ties of Web 2.0 technologies strengthen global advocacy movements. This paper will argue the volume, diversity and speed at which weak ties grow are conducive to activism and that weak ties, global networks and mobility create effective political communities. Finally, the paper will discuss the characteristics of social media and how they offer interesting opportunities for community building Read more [...]
Identity in Communities and Networks

TikTok Social Networking Site empowering youth civic engagement

Abstract Young teens are embracing the video looping mobile application TikTok as a creative way of engaging themselves and their peers in political issues and debates. Users of TikTok are using the potential power of weak ties within the social network to reach a wider audience which has the ability to promote democracy. TikTok enables teens to network and collaborate with its socio-technical features by creating a Third space for teens to negotiate and articulate their social values and Read more [...]