First Australians: Building comm-unity online through activism and Web 2.0

Abstract This paper reviews a selection of published scholarly articles concerning the uptake and use of Web 2.0 technologies by Indigenous Australians to fight for Indigenous rights. This paper also reviews various websites and social media sites where Indigenous Australians’ connect with each other, express their political viewpoint, exercise resistance, and advocate for Indigenous rights. The paper follows Indigenous Australians’ advocacy and activism and how online and offline activities Read more [...]

Forming Identities for Individuals and Communities through Interactive Social Gaming

Abstract This paper explores Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD), Massive-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG), Social Media Gaming, Streaming, and E-Sports, and the affects that these platforms may have on day-to-day offline (non-Internet) life. It will make reference to 23 peer-reviewed articles to argue that online gaming has provided an escape from reality into a world where players are able to mould their identities, build communities, and experience interactive virtual realities with Read more [...]

The anti-social network: Facebook has negative implications on the friendships of young adults

Abstract           This essay explores the negative impact that Facebook has had on the relationships that young adults share with friends and colleagues. Examining such scholarly resources as Kaliarna (2016) to classify online relationships, Young (2013) to study adult friendships in the Facebook era and Bevan, Pfyl and Barclay (2012) to highlight the ramifications of Facebook friend deletion, I will highlight the characteristics of friendship and how they compare when applied to online and Read more [...]

Friendships Formed and Strengthened in Online Gaming Environments

Abstract This paper explores the potential for individuals to form and strengthen friendships in online gaming environments by consulting 14 previous studies surrounding the topic. There are multiple online gaming types that facilitate communication between gamers such as massive multiplayer online game (MMOG), massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and virtual reality games. In some of these games, there is also the opportunity for gamers to create an avatar that does not have to Read more [...]

Using Facebook to Better Engage Customers and Strengthen Brand Identity

ABSTRACT With traditional means of marketing, such as banner advertisements, becoming increasingly unavailing, businesses have begun to seek out alternative methods of soliciting custom from consumers. The ubiquity of social networking sites and other Internet-enabled platforms introduces new opportunities for businesses, but in return ask for a radical alteration in their business strategy. This paper attempts to analyse how one such social networking site in particular, Facebook, has allowed businesses Read more [...]

Streaming games online is a positive thing for the community

offline version: Streaming games online is a positive thing for the community gaming has become a multi-billion-dollar entertainment outlet worldwide. As of 2017, video gaming as a whole have produced $108.9 billion. (McDonald, 2017). This paper will look at the effects of streaming games online with the growing community watching these such streams. We will be looking at the positive effects such as the boost in sales from streaming online. The negative effects that companies believe there are Read more [...]

Twitter as a pivotal platform for engaging and participating in social change movements.

PDF Download Abstract This paper explores digital technology and social networking sites’ abilities to create communities online. Looking at the influence of micro-blogging site Twitter and its ability to provide users with a space to voice opinion, this paper discusses the rise of social movements online. ‘Hashtag movements’ have become common place within society creating spaces where real voices, experiences and opinions are at the forefront of change. Focusing on three recent hashtag Read more [...]

Examining the exploitive nature of Companies within Virtual Communities

This paper explores how companies employ social networking sites and online platforms to engage with existing online communities to develop exploitative relationships with potential consumers. Examining the exploitive nature of Companies within Virtual Communities. Angela Lougheed Student Curtin University Author Note Angela Lougheed – Student NETS2004 NET204 Social Media, Communities and Networks To read offline download PDF: Net204_Final Conference_Lougheed Angela for web   This Read more [...]

The Negative Effects of Anonymity and Excessive Participation in Online Gaming Communities

Elise Grazotis Curtin University   PDF Version: The Negative Effects of Anonymity and Excessive Participation in Online Gaming Communities Abstract This paper explores characteristics of the online gaming community and the associated negative consequences to users. Participation in these communities is generally anonymous due to the nature of the games that usually require avatars or characters that fit into the alternate world, rather than personal, offline identities. While Read more [...]

Choosing who you want to be. Identity management in online communities.

PDF Download ABSTRACT: This paper seeks to explore the different ways people modify their identities online in order to demonstrate that the ability to alter or mask ones identity online is crucial for free and open discussions within online communities and networks. Keywords: Social Media, Identity, Impression Management, Performance of Identity, Identity Deception The internet provides many people around the world access to personal networks, and social communities they may not have Read more [...]